Posted: September 25, 2013 in Epilogue

‘its 05:45, we better get going soon. Its getting light, we don’t wanna be caught out in the open’ I didn’t reply straight away I just gazed out at the deserted shoreline that stretched for about two miles. I liked to reward myself with just half an hour sat on the rocks thinking back to how it was before.

This beach looks prehistoric in the grey damp light and the low roar of the water smashing into the rocks was almost like a soundtrack. I imagined that many families used to come here. I like to pretend I can still hear their laughter and see the memories etched into the wet sand.

‘Do you ever just want to stay here and let them take you? You know, just close your eyes, feel the sun on your face and let it end?.’ I looked at jack, shocked out of my lucid state by the thought of that question.

In my heart of hearts I can see why jack is giving up, its been hard for years now. Many millions of people have died and returned to inflict death and destruction on the remaining human population. There has been resistance but the odds are truly against us now. We have lost so many people we love in savage battles. Food is scarce and resources are low, there is no real government left and all the major cities have fallen. I want answers but is there anyone left to be asked the questions?

I am one of only 500 people left in my part of the world. My name is Alexander James and I am known as survivor 469.


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